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Poetry of 2000

A friend to Love


One lone soul

who truly understand

the truest friend

only life can offer

He knew me better then i

though we never me

He held me close in darkest trials

My Love for him greater

then any i've ever known

His feelings for i

never spoken aloud

put to silence our friendship was

I never knowing

nor understanding

my heart at a loss

for a love so true

what has happened

I do not know

Not one good bye ever spoken aloud

but silently my heart pleads for more

Never shall these silent pleas

fall from on my tongue

that plea

To Love him Openly




Turning In Circles

but none to see

crying aloud

but non to hear

empytness surrounds me

in a dying world

is their any hope left

when alone and scared

just a hand to reach out

a hand to hold and guide

oh touch my heart Lord

it is your to have

all i asked was a hand to guide

you picked me up and carried mehome

when all hope was gone

you gave me strangth to go on

you brought my dead world to life

with the touch of your hand

you touched my heart

you made it whole once again

you guide me on nowwithyour love and strength

in hope that one day soon y ou'll hold me near

Oh lord it is my prayer to hold you too!




Searching for happiness

finding only teasing bits

a touch of it here

and another there nothing tasting

i wonder if fit exists

or if it's just a teasing toy

out to hurt all

who dare to hope

is there really a superior creator

if so why does he insist

on keeping happiness away

Have i wronged him

in ways i do not know

One moment happy

the next filled with tears

Not understanding why

it only lasts for a short time

why does my life seem so sad

as though good is always out of reach

where is that i have roamed

that you seem so far to reach

it's a land i do not know

for never have you been so far


My Grief


Alone in the dark

A world so cold

Mountains crashing down adn around

A broken heart not worth healing

lies and loneliness your only feelings

where is it in which you've fled

why do i feel so alone.

you promised me once to always stay

but your laughter only a distant memory

the sound of your voice gone

with the winds of time.

you cared more then words could ever say

you held me close through times I was scared

you waited patiently when pushed away

but time grew short and no one knew

The day you left I died too.

Four years gone by

the pain still fresh

How do I live without you near.

No words of guidance, I feel lost

No words of encourgement, i forget to believe

No smiles or hugs I forget what love is

you were my world

I held you so dear

I forgot often how precious time was

I let it slip by without blinking an eye.

My last words to you were of anger and an pride.

then that week you did die

how could i not see with eyes open wide

how could i ignore the last words you had to say

now i face this world alone

mistakes held up for all to see

pain within digging at my soul letting go of things most precious

I wonder if youd still love me?

what is it you would say,

to life me from my hole

what is there you could do, to make it seem alright?


Roads Traveled


Roads i've traveled

places i've seen

pain i've suffered

people i've lost

through it all

only one's remained

Lik Job of Old

I lost all

All important to my

lies decieving

truth unseen

but one remained

so steadfast,sure.

God my Lord

Savior divine

Hand of Comfort

Hold me so tight.

Rays of Light

Darkest time seem

They say time heals all

But not so true.

Deep scars of yesterday

still remain


TO Love or Let go


To love or let go

you entered my life

like a fresh spring breeze

lingering only mementarily

We found Love time and again

But always one heart was hardened

We finally wised up

and time flew right along

My heart belongs only to you

is what i find when searching love out

But you've moved on and out of reach

My heart in my heands

crumbling to pieces

I try holding on as it slips through my fingers

How can i ever give away to another

what seems to be yours

HOw can i find a way to you

When you ran from my prescence

how do i give back

what's always been yours

when you've left not a trace to where you might be

How can i wake tomorrow without you

how i wonder do i live without your Love

As days , months , and years fly by

Where do i learn to let go and move on

When everything i am is part of you

I feel a part of myself has vanished

How did we both give it all up

How i ask do i live with you gone from my life