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Friends for life,

friends to the end

that's what we were

yeah we had our problems

but christ sawus through them all

time have changed

a friendship stronger then love laid to rest

we have changed,

and with us our friendship too

I miss the days we were like one

when we thought nothing could separate us.

but betrayal entered in

One thing hard to forgive

Who betrayed who?

That question remains

Now i lead my life and you yours

OUr separate ways we must go

But always to be cherished

all the days that were ours


His Love


Oh lord you are my guidance

oh lord your love i need

your love i don't understand

you gave it up for me

when guilty i may be

the courts had proven it so

and took me to my place of death

when a stranger walked in.

I never heard his words

but to me they did come.

taking me away from death

I ask as they lead me away

"I am guilty am i not to die?"

they look and say

"That man there,

wants to die for you!

go now for you are free"

the tears begin to flow

for this love i do not know

how can a man

innocent as can be

die for a stranger like me

I turn and look into his eyes

One sad look is all i see

His lips begin to move

theses words are what i hear.

"I love you my child,

go now and live a life like mine

showing love and mercy to all

and when times of trouble

come your way

think of me here today

I am withyou always

and always I shall stay

One day we will be together for Eternity!"


It should of been me


alone i sat, the day he died

how could life go on?

I watched as they beat him

i watched them scorn him

this man who could heal

this one who had shown nothing but love

now had died for it all

his one true friend denying

any knowledge of him

the soldiers shoved a crown made of thorns on his head

as the blood bagan to flow

they drug him to a cross

Nailing his feet and hands to it

mocking his name

as he bagan to die

shouldn't that crown be ours

should not we be the ones to die

the nails should have been in our hands

but his love for us surpassed our sin

our salvation on his mind

not his pain, not his death

just his love for us.

His voice echo's in my mind

as they take his body down

"father forgive them for they know not what they do"

how could i let an innocent man die!

the was mine.

yet i stood by and let him die

his pain was mine

yet he took it upon himself

what kind of love is this?

that causes a man to die for another

shoudn't that crown be ours

should not webe the ones to die

the nails should have been in our hands

but his love for us surpassed our sin

our salvation on his mind

not his pain, not his death

just his love for us.

three days he laid in the grave

soldiers guarding the place he lay

yet death, a grave and soldiers

couldn't hold the son of God

and he's alive forever more


Meant For marriage


To have what you have

I would give all

A decision made wrong,

and all is lost

you have but one time

to give it away

what's meant formarriage

is where it should stay

But yet given to another freely

Now it is gone

never to be regained

For What?

A few moments of pleasure

But it could of lasted forever

if done correctly

Now you long for days gone past

to redue whats done wrong.

but never to have the chance


My Life


I sit here alone

thoughts clouding my mind

my past comes to haunt

in moments like these

the parties at night

the days lieing still

scared and alone.

Illusions come and go

what is reality?

What is fantasy?

my mind can no longer tell

Can I fly? I wonder

my soul searches for freedom

but where does it lie

the tears Flow alone in a room

I scream aloud but know one hears

I look around

but who can see?

Alone I seem to be

But in this darkness

There is a light

a hand reaching forth

taking my hand

pulling me up.

It pulls me out of a dillusionalstate

leaving the life behind

Now in Glory I do walk

A freedom for my soul

is found.

The life I lived

Now behind me

the Lord before.

The Love he has

My light in the dark

When all else fails

He stands steadfast and sure

The first beside me

In moments of strife

the first to guide me through

the dark

His love the one thing i need




I stand accused


why is there no trust

I've done nothing wrong

your accusation,

tearing at mt heart

hurting more then

words can reveal

I love you

and never would i do this

what brings your mistrust?

I don't understand

Never have I wronged you

but not even words can undo

what's been done

Only I know the truth,

threw my tears

he holds me close

he tells me all is well

but yet teh pain remains

do you know what it is to hurt.


what love can do


Love can make one feel so right

love can also save ones life

love can do miracles

like nothing else can.

when one gives up on life

has not one reason to live

love will intervene

when life seems hopeless

and you have no where to turn

Love will come your way

It will do things like nothing else can

Give you if nothing else,

but one reason to live.

One will be sent your way

Who will love and accept you

for who you are.

Their love iwll make you feel

a feeling you thought dead

It will revive you in ways

one thought not possible

this is what love can do