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Poetry of 1997

A Pain


Betrayal of what

little existed

we had only just begun

betrayal of trust

trust given freely

their was no reason for distrust

Now he's gone,

without a word Good-bye

Not even a friendship left

Now remaining

A pain

Hidden deep within.

a pain to know one elses knowledge

I'd give all for his happiness,

but one thing

For this one thing

I have lost him to another

That is the pain that hurts most

"To Another!"




once so peaceful

once so calm

those were the good ole' days

to run through open fields,

to scream

and nothing but land to hear

where eagles fly freely

The buffalo roam without fear

what has happened to the world?

So much change has taken place.

No longer screams of pleasure,

for nature and it's beauty.

But screams of fear and hatred

surround this world.

Where are the buffalo gone?

Where have the eagles flown?

what has happened tot he world that was?


Walk the Talk


a great life

a great man

he was so much more

than words could describe

his love shown to all

he gave all he could give

all to glorify one holier then we!

All he wanted out of life

was to meet his maker

to meed the one who made thee.

Now, Now, he's happier then ever.

He is in his glory now

Standing face to face with Christ

No tears tobe shed

For his life is now complete

The final chapter written,

the masters pen laid down

to meet his child

to wait for us there,

Dedicated to my uncle Bill who walked his talk. HE truly was a great man