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Poetry of 1999

A guiding Light


In a world thats forgotten God

sometimes i feellost

people rush by

unaware of my prescense

people on a corner with a sign

in one hand and a tin cup in the other

much like the begger in days long ago

shown yet the same cruelty of those times

people pass by,

all lower then they invisible to their eyes

A world cold and broken hearted

many wonder alone and in the dark

but there is a candle burning bright

in this world so dark

offering a light for guidance

down this treachorous long road

a life was sacrificed in your place and mine

to provide this light for guidance

the young without homes

turn to a life in which God is hard to find

In a home where alcohol exists

they all search for love

unaware there's a god who offers all they need.

standing with arms open wide

mourning those who walk away

but there is a candle burning bright

in this world so dark.

offering a light for guidance

down this long treachorous road

a life was sacrificed in your place and mine

to provide this light for guidance

for the befgaron the street

for the young without love

for the broken hearted

for anyone willing to listen

there is someone who loves with a love so strong

it keeps a candle burning bright

in a worlds so dark

he offers his hand for a guide

he sacraficed his life

to provide this ever burning light

in our place

all we need to do is accept


My suffering


Here in darkness i stand alone

many souls surround me

in this dark hole

where hoplessness is away of life

shacklesupon my hands and feet

i am punished for yet another mans wrongs

my feet are soar from daily struggles

my muschles weak in pain

I drag on daily because i must

the guilty one nonunderstanding

uncareing that I pay in his place

they do not know i paid centuries ago

they insist daily i still pay

i hung and i bled

from what remain is scars in my hands and feet now

Tears i cried, some were blood

yet as each day passes

i am unacknowledged

unacknowledged for all i gave.

maybe one day my pain will stop

and all will remember what i have done

until, i will take on their punishment

as though it were mine




what has become of you?

One road merging to two

we stand now at the choice

what will you choose?

what will I?

we've walked so long together

will we split or stay?

you have a will for change

wanting to break free

we've been here before

you always choosing the opposite.

In the end you come running

back close to death

it seems now we are on alast stretch.

I cannot promise now to be here when youreturn

I am heading for home.

What will it be you will choose?

I want you to come with me.

but it alone is your choice

which road will you choose.


True Love


Where are you my Love.

I long to see your face.

to hold you in my6 arms

and tell you all your worth

i long to hear your voice

and all you have to say

in moment of sadness

i will bring you joy

when youare to weak to go on

my strength to you i give

my love is all i have

i hope itis enough

in your dark times

I hope it guieds you through

it may not be alot

but it is all i have to give

i send it out to you now

even before we've met

I Love you now,

always and forever